It isTHIS EASY to Find any Airport in the world. With this app, only TWO Keystrokes are needed.
(Just follow the RED Boxed instructions)
Push The Find NRST Button to See the
Nearest Airport List including Bearing and distance
Home Screen Graphic
Moving Map Screen
"Current Location" view-your location in reference to KJGG
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If you are a flying VFR and would rather look out the window than interpret
navigation devices, this is the GPS Navigation tool you need. Free Updates.
Push The KJGG description and the display changes to either the Active Navigate, or Moving Map Screen guiding you to the KJGG airport or other selected Destination
(Examples BELOW)
Now, finding your way to any airport in the world is so easy:
For a few dollars you can get simple right / left guidance to one of 50-100 nearest runways with 2 touches. Plus a moving map with sat and map views and bearing lines.
Digital Navigation Screen
Shows digital directions to Kjgg
Moving Map Screen
"Route" view-entire flight plan from your current Location to KJGG